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Matt's Poop Up Giftcard

Give someone an unusual gift, but still a useful gift this time. Getting them a Matt's Poop Up gift card assure them a clean yard without you having to ever touch the poop. Make the gift for as much or as little as you want.

  • Q. How do I purchase a Matt’s Poop Up gift card?
  • A. Call 480-593-7163 or provide us with your number and we will give you a call and will get your gift card ready.
  • Q. What is the gift card good for?
  • A. Pet waste removal services.
  • Q. How do I check the balance of the gift card?
  • A. Call 480-593-7163 or email matt@mattpoopup.com and provided card number and name.
  • Q. Can it be redeemed for cash?
  • A. No
  • Q. When does the Matt’s Poop Up gift card expire?
  • A. Never but there is a two dollar monthly maintenance fee each month.
  • Q. How much can be put on the card?
    A. As much or as little as you like.